Can You Still Buy a VCR Player in 2023? 17 Great Options

If you have some old VHS tapes you’d like to watch or transfer to digital but no longer have a working VCR you might be wondering if you can still buy a VCR Player.

You can still buy a VCR / VHS player, just not from your usual electronics store. New VCRs haven’t been produced by any manufacturers since 2016, yet many websites sell refurbished, used, and even new in-the-box (unopened) VCRs.

After spending dozens of hours researching places you can still buy a VCR you’ll be surprised to see how many great places not only sell VCRs but also offer a warranty. This article will show you the 13 best options for buying or selling VCRs.

The 17 Best Places You Can Buy a VCR For Sale

There are a number of places you can still find a VCR for sale. If you are purchasing a VCR to convert your VHS tapes to digital then understand that the video quality starts with the VCR. The better quality VCR generally the better picture and video conversion to digital.

Important Features to look for as you shop for a VHS Player / VCR For Sale:

  • 4 Head VCR – don’t buy a 2 head VCR as the picture quality will suffer
  • If you can find an SVHS (which stands for Super VHS) these are generally higher quality
  • VCR / DVD Combo – a VHS player that can also play DVDs, many have an HDMI output which makes connecting to a TV easier as well as input to some capture devices

#1 – VCRs on eBay – our choice

This is no big shock that eBay is the #1 one place to buy a VCR, it’s the world’s used marketplace. On the last check, there were hundreds upon hundreds of VCRs for sale on eBay. Not only does it have the widest variety of VCRs available, but the prices also tend to be the most affordable.

eBay also has a large selection of VHS/DVD Combo players for playing back both VHS tapes and DVDs, as well as VHS to DVD recorders to simplify transferring your VHS tapes to a digital format.

VCRs for sale at eBay

Can I Still Buy a New VCR? Yes!

You can buy a “new” VCR still on eBay. Although VCRs haven’t been manufactured since 2016 some are still in the original box and were never sold or used.

When searching eBay for new VCRs you need to select the condition to “new” on the left – click here and you’ll be brought to new VCRs on eBay. Hopefully there are some left and you see a great selection like this:

eBay New VCRs

When buying any used item, especially from sites like eBay be careful to check out if there is a return policy or even a limited warranty. It would be terrible to start transferring your tapes and have your VCR die a few tapes into the process.

If this concerns you there are other sites that offer limited warranties we have on our list, so please keep reading.

#2 – VHS Players / VCRs for Sale at Amazon

Amazon does sell VCRs and is one of the best online retailers next to eBay when it comes to VCRs. There are plenty of good VCRs still for sale on Amazon, several of which come with Prime shipping.

What I did find on Amazon was higher-quality VCRs. Like eBay, there is a large selection of VCRs, VHS DVD combo players as well as VHS to DVD Recorders that simplify the process of digitizing your VHS tapes.

Amazon even offers refurbished VCRs with a 90-day guarantee. Some even come with a USB video capture device like this JVC VCR, which is everything you need to transfer your VHS tapes to your computer

Want more options? Search Amazon for “VCR” and see what you can find. Amazon is probably 2nd compared to eBay for selection and pricing but it’s a close 2nd so it’s worth your time to search.

#3 VHS Players / VCR Players For Sale At Walmart

Walmart does sell VCRs on their website only, there are no VHS players for sale at any Walmart retail stores.

Walmart has expanded its website to allow partners to sell products as well, and Dealing Fair appears to be the retailer selling VCRs through Walmart’s website. While the VCRs are only for sale online they can either be shipped directly to your home, or to a retail Walmart location near yout.

vcrs for sale at walmart

How Much are VCRs at Walmart?

Most of the VCRs for sale on are VHS and DVD player combos, which average about $225, but range from $171 on the low end, to over $700 for VHS player DVD recorder combo machines.

PROs of buying a VCR at Walmart

Most VCRs are refurbished, and Walmart gives you the option of a 3-year protection plan for around $30. Since VCRs are ancient technology and manufactured years ago the protection plant might be worth it. Also, most have free delivery and can be returned to the Walmart store if you are not happy with your purchase.

CONs of buying a VCR at Walmart

If all you want is a VHS player and not a DVD player/recorder then Walmart might not be the place for you. Since all of the VHS players for sale are DVD combo player / recorders that fetch a higher asking price than a used VCR on eBay.

#4 VHS Players / VCRs For Sale on Facebook MarketPlace

Facebook MarketPlace is quickly taking over as the way to sell used things locally. Depending on your area you may find some VCRs for sale, I always see a few in my area so give it a look.

vcrs for sale on facebook marketplace

#5 VHS Players / VCRs For Sale on Craigslist

Another fantastic used marketplace, Craigslist is a great place to look for a used VCR. The nice thing about buying locally from places like Craigslist is you know the item you’re buying wasn’t bounced around planes and delivery trucks on the way to your house.

vcrs for sale on craigslist

#6 VHS Players / VCRs For Sale on is one of my favorite websites for finding computer and tech gear, and it turns out they also sell VCRs. Their website list mostly VCR/DVD combo players and recorders, as well as other video capture devices that can help you in your VHS to digital transfer process.

vcrs for sale at newegg

#7 VHS Players / VCRs For Sale on TekRevolt

TekRevolt is a company that specializes in professional refurbishing electronics and is very well stocked with reasonably priced VCR, DVD / VHS Combo players, and more. Each item goes through a 19 point checklist, and ships (for free) with any remotes and cables needed.

TekRevolt Used VCRS

The prices I saw for most professionally refurbished VCR’s was about $149 and VCR / DVD Combos just over $200. They even have some bargains listed on their eBay store that are definitely worth checking out.

TekRevolt offers a 90 warranty and free shipping in the US, so this is comforting for anyone looking for a used VCR that will last.

#8 VHS Players / VCRs For Sale at Porter Electronics

Another retailer I found while researching was Porter Electronics, they also specialize in legacy video equipment, and not just VCRs but Camcorders as well!

They offer a 7-day return policy and 90-day exchange warranty on all items, as well as the option to purchase an additional 1 year extended warranty.

Sounds like a great place to buy a VCR or Camcorder, especially if you really want to make sure they work and last you through your video transfer process.

#9 VHS Players / VCRs For Sale on Etsy

Etsy not only has VCRs for sale, but it also has people selling VCR transfer services as well. So if you’re not the do-it-yourself type this could be a great place for you to look.

#10 VHS Players / VCRs For Sale Offerup (formerly LetGo)

LetGo is now part of OfferUp – another popular phone app and website for selling used stuff, so a great place to look for a used VCR near you.

#11 VHS Players / VCRs For Sale Thrift Stores

You can sometimes find VCRs, camcorders, and other legacy electronics at thrift stores. The most popular are Savers and The Salvation Army Stores can have just what you are looking for.

On a recent visit to Savers I saw 2 VCRs for sale for $4.99 each. The inventory is all in the stores, there is no online shopping so you’ll need to visit in person but can find great deals.

#12 VHS Players / VCRs For Sale on and

Although the number of retail stores for Sears and Kmart continues to decline and do not sell VCRs in retail locations, they do sell VCRs through their websites which like Walmart are really 3rd party sellers offering the products.

Not the greatest selection of VCR and DVD combo players but some fair prices can be found there.

sears and kmart vcrs

#13 SouthernAdvantage

SouthernAdvantage is another quality merchant that refurbishes and repairs vintage electronics. I found mostly high-end VCRs and pro-level equipment here which may be outside the budget of some people, but they may have exactly what you are looking for.

#14 Mercari

Mercari is another online marketplace of used goods. They appear to have a descent selection of vintage electronics like VCRs. I’ve personally never used the website and have no idea of the quality of the merchants. If you are interested try this link:

#15 Yard Sales & Flea Markets

Yard sales are a great place to find vintage electronics. Sometimes you can find a VCR or camcorder in working condition for very cheap. Keep an eye out this summer for any vintage electronics, it may be worth purchasing just to sell it online for a profit if you don’t need it

#16 Electronics Recycle

If you have a recycling station in your town chances are there is an electronics bin where you might see a VCR floating around with all of the old computers and tvs in the bin – and these are someone else’s trash which means free to you.

I once scored a fully working Nintendo system with about 10 games at my transfer station, and routinely see vintage electronics like VCRs mixed in with the TVs and other electronics. Chances are somebody didn’t need it and it probably works.

#17 Friends and Family

This actually should be one of your first choices: reach out to friends or family in person or via social media and see if anyone has a working VCR that you could borrow or buy. Chances are someone you know has a working VCR they can dust off and lend to you.

Offer to even transfer any VHS tapes for them once you get your VCR connected to your computer

Where to Buy a VHS Player / VCR Player Near Me?

You do have some great local options when searching for a VCR for sale.

  • Yard Sales
  • Thrift Stores like Savers
  • Pawn Shops
  • CraigsList
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Friends and Family

Places That Do *Not* Sell VCRs – Just Incase You Wanted to Check:

BestBuy, Target, and other large retail stores do not sell VHS players either online or at the store. Even many online electronics retailers like B&H Photo Video and Adorama do not sell VHS players. VCRs are still sold, there are several places you can still buy VCRs either online or in person.

So just in case you were wondering do not bother looking at these stores for VHS players:

  • BestBuy – There are no VCRs at Best Buy, neither in-store or online. Any listings you find online will be for out-of-stock items. Instead of trying BestBuy look at the other online retailers listed in this article.
  • Target
  • B&H Photo Video
  • Adorama
  • OverStock

Are VHS players still made? Why Are They So Hard to Find?

VHS Players are no longer produced which is why they are so hard to find. The last manufacturer of VHS players was a company in Japan named Funai Electronics. They halted production back in 2016.

Sony launched Betamax back in 1975, which was actually before VHS was initially introduced in 1977. The two formats became bitter rivals in what was termed as the tape format wars back in the 1980s. When VHS eventually won out Sony was a major player in the VCR market, but Sony stopped making VCRs almost a decade ago.

Panasonic – another big producer of VCRs stopped production back in 2012.

Streaming media is the way of today and the future, which is what lead to the decline of VCRs. “Back in my day” when I was a very young kid our parents took us to the drive-in theater. Then came VCRs, Video Discs, DVDs, and now streaming media on your TVs and phones

At this point, most people don’t even have a DVD player anymore.

READ MORE: For more on the decline of VCR production, as well as why VCRs are still expensive

How can I watch VHS tapes without a VCR?

You really can’t watch a VHS tape without a VCR, unless you get the VHS transferred to a DVD or digital format. If you’re interested in services that transfer VHS to digital check out How Much Does it Cost to Transfer VHS to DVD or Digital?

The only exception to this rule is some old tube-style TVs had VCR players built in. If you are looking to watch or transfer an old tape this could be a good option.

But beware if the tape gets jammed it’s much tougher to pull apart a TV to get the tape out without breaking it versus taking the cover off a VHS player to free your tape from its grasp.

Are VHS Tapes Still Made?

All manufacturers of VHS tapes have ceased production of VHS tapes.

But – this does not mean you can’t buy new tapes, plenty of online retailers still offer ‘new’ / never opened VHS tapes.

If you need some the inventory will slowly dwindle as-is the VCR inventory.

I’m not sure why you would want new tapes, actually recording a show with a VCR is not what most people would use a VCR for, they are generally using the VCR to playback old tapes to convert them to DVD or another digital format.

Where Can I Sell a VCR When I am Done Transferring Tapes?

If you invest the money in a VCR to playback or transfer your old videotapes you may want to sell the VCR when you are done if you are satisfied with the transfer quality.

And guess what – it may be worth more when you are done with it and want to sell.


Scarcity, and just sell it on one of the same marketplaces listed above to recoup your costs.

For more info read our article on how much is a VCR worth?


You still have plenty of options when it comes to purchasing a VCR so you can transfer your old tapes, it’s a little more work than it used to be to find a good working VCR but it’s definitely possible.

And I urge anyone buying a VCR to not just watch their tapes but please transfer them to a digital format before the tapes disintegrate and VCRs are found in museums.

Don’t lose that footage, the memories are priceless!

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