About TransferVideoTapes.com

TransferVideoTapes.com is a website dedicated to teaching people how to transfer old video tapes to a digital format as quickly and painlessly as possible with in-depth blog tutorials and videos.

Whether you have VHS or digital camcorder tapes we can help you get those back up to a digital format on your computer before the tapes degrade and become un-playable.

Our Story

Back in 1990 in the glory days of VHS and Video8 camcorders Bob Hennessey caught the “video bug” while skiing with friends in Vermont on weekends.

Each weekend we’d take a huge Sony Sports Camcorder stuffed into a backpack with pillows to protect it out on the slopes skiing to make our own ski videos.

Editing (if you want to call it that) was archaic back then unless you had the budget of a small TV station, so we made our videos by dubbing VCR to VCR.

Later in the 90s it became more affordable (under $1,000) to buy a video capture card for a computer and convert video to digital and edit with Adobe Premiere.

So much has evolved in video and computer technology since the 90s, so I was always the “video guy” of the family when it came to shooting, editing, or arranging video slideshows.

I decided to create TransferVideoTapes.com to document for my friends and family how I deal with converting and editing stacks of old video tapes to digital formats without having to repeat myself, but realized many other people would benefit from this knowledge.