The 5 Best Places You Can Still Buy Hi8 Tapes

Difference Between Video 8 and Hi8 Tapes

If you are still living in an analog world and are wondering if you can still buy Hi8 tapes, then you’ve in luck. I’ve been shooting video for 30 years and compiled a list of the best places you can still buy Hi8 and Video8 tapes.

You can still buy Hi8 tapes at online retailers, but since they are no longer being manufactured the demand exceeds the supply, so they are getting more expensive by the day. You cannot buy Hi8 tapes at retail stores. A 2-pack of Hi8 tapes costs anywhere from $10 to $80 or more depending on the retailer.

When shopping for Hi8 tapes you want to buy from a reputable retailer as these are not common items for purchase anymore. Make sure they are still brand new and in the wrapper. Also when searching be careful to make sure they are Hi8 and not Video 8 tapes if you are still shooting with a Hi8 camcorder

The Best Places to Buy Hi8 and Video8 Tapes

Since you can’t find Hi8 tapes in retail stores here is your best option for buying them. Unfortunately I found only 5 websites still offering Hi8 tapes on a consistent basis.


No shock here, Amazon sells just about everything including Hi8, Video8, VHS, MiniDV, even Betamax tapes. But don’t expect to find the same price you used to pay for Hi8 tapes back in the 1990s. The price has gone up due to scarcity, but hey some tapes are still Prime-eligible.

There’s a wide selection of Hi8 tapes for sale on Amazon so take a look.


Ebay has quite a selection of Hi8 and Video8 tapes, even VHS or any other video and audio tape format you can think of. Prices tend to be as good as they can be on eBay with a wide range of sellers. You can search eBay for Hi8 tapes by clicking here.

Walmart Online

You can buy Hi8 and VHS tapes on the Walmart website through 3rd party sellers, you can’t walk into a Walmart store and expect to find Hi8 tapes on sale.

I found the most sellers on the Walmart website to be more expensive than eBay or Amazon, but some are very competitive with the prices on Amazon or eBay so choose which is best for you.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a great way to find local deals or connect with sellers that will ship their product to you. Just be careful dealing with any sellers that ship to you and make sure you are protected if they don’t deliver on their end of the deal.

Google Shopping

Looking for something on the web? Have you tried Google Shopping?

If you type something into the Google search box, then click the Shopping tab you’re now in Google Shopping where you can see multiple retailors selling just about anything – including Hi8, Video8, MiniDV and VHS tapes.

image of google shoppinh

Are Hi8 and Video8 Tapes Still Manufactured?

Sadly the last Hi8 and Video8 tapes manufactured were made back in 2007 and 2008 (Wikipedia). The MiniDV tape format gained in popularity as well as hard drive based camcorder which lead to the decline of the 8mm video tape platform.

This is why the remaining Hi8 and Video8 tapes are so expensive and hard to find now, the last remaining ones were manufactured over 10 years ago and no longer produced.

Why Shoot Video in Hi8 in the 2020s?

Hi8 tape is an analog format that shoots in 480p resolution that is decades old technology.

So why would anyone shoot in this ancient video format when your phone can shoot in HD?

Turns out there’s a resurgence in older technology simply because its different than what is available today.

This might be best said by this YouTube video by Danilo Allen.

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